The Scottish Wedding Show 2016

The build up to my 1st wedding show as an exhibitor was quite something! I had no idea what to expect, whether it would be a success or whether I would go into hiding afterwards. Being the sole decision maker in a small business is terrifying, but with a support team in place anything seems possible. My family and my friends are just the best cheerleaders in the world. Whenever I falter or want to stand still, they always give me the nudge I need.

This experience has boosted my confidence beyond my expectations, in fact, I went there with NO expectations! Thousands of people poured through the doors on both days and by the last minute, Im pretty sure I had spoke to a high percentage of them. Whether it was a bride to be, a mother of the bride, a bridesmaid or a groom, I made sure that I was the advert fit for my business. Its great to hide behind a website and gently coax people towards you but its an even greater joy to meet your potential and future clients face to face.To see them smile at your artwork and exclaim praise and delight, it is such a priceless gift. I shall go forward from this with extra enthusiasm and drive. I will hold the advice from organisers and other exhibitors tightly and just thank my lucky stars that I found the sparkly path that I needed to be following.