You are in charge!

When starting the journey of being self employed, an entrepreneur, an active dreamer, I gave myself that promotion.There was no interview process, no training week, just me, my never ending lists, a burning enthusiasm and a vision of how I wanted my life to be.

I get to be in charge of what that process is. It is a journey of learning as you go along, picking up masterclass titbits from people who took the same decision as I did. It is embracing and loving the excitement that comes along with every new opportunity. It is putting your brave pants on and realising that you can do anything you put your mind to. It is being scared and doubtful when noone else can make the decision for you. Its your vision. Noone else can do it for you, yes opinions and feedback are a godsend, but deep down you know what you have to do,to get where you want to be.

Validation is lovely, but if it doesnt come from you first then the self doubt and the indecisiveness can hold you back. Am I talking about work or life?

You are in charge.