Macintyres Wedding Event March 2017

22 years ago I started my first full time job working for Steve and Gaynor Turner at Macintyres Jewellers in Edinburgh. It was a wonderful time working with diamonds and precious stones. 7 years of memorable moments helping customers choose their engagement rings, wedding rings and gifts for themselves or loved ones. After leaving I never strayed too far out of touch, even after moving to the Highlands and starting my own custom illustration business.

It was with great delight that I accepted Gaynor and Steves invitation to showcase my services at their wedding event this past weekend.

On the drive through I felt quite nervous about the return which was completely unfounded. The minute I stepped inside the showroom I felt I had been reunited with an old friend. I could still tell you where everything was kept and how to fill in the order book. Everything flooded back....I had to hold myself back from joining in the morning staff meeting! My comfort also confused quite a few people over the weekend who assumed that I worked there!

The exhibitors started to turn up and the customers came as a steady flow throughout the whole weekend. The main advantage of shopping at Macintyres (other than the wonderful service) for wedding bands, engagement rings or any other jewellery items is that they are wholesale prices, saving up to 50% off the retail price before VAT. They also ensure you purchase the best quality for your price range.

Hanging out in my corner were the ingenious services of Elliot Bibby-MagicMan .

If you are looking for a wedding entertainer during the lulls when photographs are being taken or the meal is going on then hiring a magician is the way forward!

My head was imploding throughout his amazing card tricks and art of distraction. Elliot is a genuinely lovely guy who is doing what he loves, making people laugh and believing that magic exists in a world where distraction is a welcome detour.

Also beside me was Woofy Weddings which is managed by the wonderful Trish Hollinger who takes the stress of trying to involve your dog in your wedding day off your hands. Trish will meet your dog beforehand and on the day of the wedding will collect them, exercise them, groom them and bring them to the wedding venue for photos. Trish will then take them home for the night so you don't have to worry about them on your special day.

A fun loving bunch of models strutted the catwalk throughout the weekend modelling kilts from Slaters and gorgeous wedding gowns from Emma Roy of Edinburgh. Music was played from an assortment of entertainment including Marc the piano man who was happily taking requests from me!

J A Houston Photography was on hand to capture all the happy moments and All Wrapped up events was on hand for planning advice.

When the clock struck 4 on Sunday it was all packed away and sincere farewells to all the new friendly faces were given.

Looking around the showroom before I left it hit me that special moments and memories hang in the air in the most unexpected places...but they are there.

Gaynor and Steve run their business with such enthusiasm and passion, they love what they do and it shows.

I chose my business path as I wanted that same job satisfaction of doing something that makes people happy. It is so important to do what you love, your clients will see it and it becomes infectious. Choose happiness always!!

Sparkly love


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