Time waits for no plan!

Plans, goals, lists, I had all of them clearly and neatly written out at the beginning of the year. All glistening with promise and winking with hope. We all set off with such high expectations of ourselves, certain that we can fit everything in. We forget to squeeze in daily life, chores and unexpected side steps. Lets not be so hard on ourselves and celebrate the small victories too.

I can honestly say looking back that my business and I have progressed steadily forward. My confidence has grown, my order pile is bigger and most importantly my sense of achievement is strong. I can look myself in the eye and say " I did this". I did it for my sense of self, I did it for the necessity of routine, I did it for therapy, I did it to meet new people, I did it to make people happy. I did it.

There are no yearly bonuses or end of year Christmas party for the independently self employed, yet there is a great gift of pride. Be proud you took that step, be proud you made that phone call, be proud you approached someone with your idea, be proud that you stood in your shoes and stayed authentic.

Its never a good time to start doing something but NOW sounds good,

Over a month left to achieve the end of the list. Good luck and keep moving forward, you got this!

Sparkly love x