Keep following your yellow brick road.

We are always on it, waiting in our sparkly shoes, peeking expectantly for a glimpse of The Emerald City. Oz is a unique destination for everyone, whether it is looking for your soulmate, wanting the promotion at work, dreaming of contentment or just light at the end of a dark tunnel. The list of hopeful quests is unending.

My yellow brick road has taken me on many wrong turns, swept me of my giddy feet, distracted me with storms & villains, entertained me with joy and laughter. I love my adventure. Through all of it, the good witch and the glimmer of the magical city has always been in my sight.

Call me naive, I dont mind, my bubble is for me and my journey.

You alone can choose what you wish to believe in, because just as in Oz, its all make believe darling.

Keep hoping, keep dreaming, keep going, whatever you have in your sight.

Keep clicking those heels on that yellow winding road and just maybe..........